Sunday, 18 February 2018

How Can You Get Over A Breakup?

 A BREAKUP can crush a joyful disposition and replace it with tearful despair.


You might think. Will I ever be able to move on?  Your distress is understandable because Love is as powerful as death.

Breaking up may be one of the most traumatic experiences you’ve ever have to endure. In fact, some have said that a breakup is like a minideath. You may even find yourself going through these and perhaps other typical stages of grief.

The good news is that you can reach the acceptance stage. How much time it will take to get there depends on a number of factors, including how long your relationship lasted and how far it progressed. In the meantime, how can you cope with your heartbreak?

Time heals all wounds. When you first break up, those words might ring hollow. That’s because time is only part of the solution.

A cut on your skin will heal in time, but it hurts now. You need to stop the bleeding and soothe the pain. You also need to keep it from becoming infected. The same is true with an emotional wound. Right now, it hurts. But there are steps you can take to lessen the pain and keep from becoming infected with bitterness. Time will do its part, but how can you do yours?

Allow yourself to grieve. There’s nothing wrong with having a good cry but after that also consider below.

Take care of your physical health. Physical exercise and proper nutrition will help replenish the energy lost as a result of the emotional toll of a breakup.
Keep busy. Don’t stop doing the things that interest you. And now, more than ever, don’t isolate ourself. Associating with those who care about you and will give you something positive on which to focus.

 Time gives you a much clearer perspective. Later, your emotions won’t be running so high, so you can think about the situation objectively and get some closure. Also, you can find out more about who you are and what you would look for in a mate, as well as what to guard against to avoid a similar situation in the future. Next article will discuss how to identify true love.


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How Can You Get Over A Breakup?

 A BREAKUP can crush a joyful disposition and replace it with tearful despair.  WHY IT HURTS You might think. Will I ever be able...