Family problem can cause the man or the woman to engage in much drinking.
Dangers of binge drinking 
ü Sexual abuse
ü Assault
ü Less oxygen to the brain
ü Slow breathing
ü Vomiting
ü Lack of body function
ü Health treat
ü Havoc
ü Nervous system
ü Liver failure
ü Injury
ü Death.

Last year December 22nd, I witness a young boy who took energy drink 6 of the unit. Actually he did have 6 can of energy drink and the following morning he was found dead.
Drinking habit can not solve your family problem; no problem is too big to be solved.

Don’t hide your problem; just let it be known to people who can help you out. This site is created to help people get their problem solved, any type of family issue.


In various ways marriage is the most important thing to do, family is considered the oldest institute in the world.
Today, the break-up of most family life is caused by a disease called cancer.


Breast cancer is so common today causing havoc between family members, cancer is among the cause of death. They are cancer of the uterus and also that of skin. So common is breast cancer.
Skin                   Cancers.

In developed places, breast cancer are common than none develop areas.

Start of cancer or causes 

·        Painless lump
·        Start as small and grow in big
·        Lymph nodes in the armpit
·        Ribs joint of the breast bone. 
Breast cancer cure

v Early discovery
v Surgical removal
v Small lump, 95 percent cure
v Medical check-up

What to do

v  Consult your doctor
v Treatment at earlier step
v Removal of lump surgically 

How to diagnosis

·        Mammography
·        Thermograph

·        Xeroradiography 

Some women like going for radiation treatment, though there is a fear of losing famine attractiveness, with that in mind. Going for checkup becomes a problem. It is advice you discuss treatment options with your doctor.


In one of my article, discussed how marriage mate hard lost thy mate in death as a result of:
·        Sickness
·        Old age
·        Diseases as many as you can think of.


Anyone can suffer from heart disease, few may survive, some may not.
Remember that the heart is muscles that supply blood to the body, if the body lacks supply of blood especially to the heart. Part of the heart muscle dies.

So the heart and whole of the body part need supply of blood to keep living.

Tissues may be destroyed if there is a long lack of oxygen, there is a chance of death if this is prolong. The brain can fail if there is an inability of the heart to supply blood normally.


Very sad that heart problem has no outward symptom, cardiac arrest is the common heart diseases, when it comes there is a likelihood of death.learn how to gain happiness in the family

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