By Cynthia Chioma.

Your home is not a class room where you lecture and some group of strangers sits down to listen. You are meant to teach your very best buddies.

What you teach Your first child ie. Your wife matters a lot because she will serve as a mediator when your other children emerges. The first thing to teach her is how to be submissive and hardworking; and funny enough the only language that makes a woman submissive is showing her love and sheeply, she will obey you to the edge.

Next, teach your children including your first daughter(wife) the ways of the lord. This is only achievable if you take the lead in morning devotion, make them give offerings and tithe.

If you don't want them to lie then don't lie. Make sure you practice what you preach sir because you can agree with me that people learn from what they see rather than what you have to say. Watch the" junior, if any one comes knocking tell them am not around" I tell you; you are training a habitual liar.

Teach the boys how to be gentlemen by treating their mom and sisters right and not training them into street fighters, women panel beaters, serial raping etc. By of course rough handling the punching bag who happens to be their mother before their presence. Even the girl child would lose her self esteem.

Tell your girls, they are beautiful and make them feel beautiful and precious before one lousy child waster (boys/men) tells her first; and you all be doomed by the time he's done with her.

The truth is, if I continue writhing, I can't finish. So Mr teacher; live the life you want your family to learn.


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