A teenager is known as a person from thirteen to nineteen, an adolescent. That is the  transitional period of physical and psychological development between childhood and maturity.

Teenagers are considered to be in a bloom of youth when sexual desires are strong, report shows that someone can become a teenage mother as a result of broken home.

It has been the wish of every teenager to have a real family and an enjoyable childhood.

Most young girls become unmarried mother as a result of sexual abuse and rape, causing emotional pain and destructive attitude.

Sometimes we become victim of Circumstances because of being too confidence and curiosity.

Some become ignorance of the result of sexual activity thinking of missing out from sex enjoyment, there are chances of becoming pregnant when you engage in sex, and it has been a shocking event when you found out that you are pregnant, these days having a child out of wedlock does not have the same stigma compared to those days because it's now seen as a normal thing.


According to academy of child and adolescent, teen pregnant can cause the following:


Because of fear and shame, teenager's who are pregnant find it hard to discuss the matter with their parents.


As young as a child with pregnancy, she can face adult decision and responsibilities in her life. Anxiety and fear as cause some to think of adoption or abortion.

However, If you get married at that moment it can save you the shame and embarrassment, yet pain and suffering also result from early and premature marriage. Parents may help you out in spit of they worries as regards your failure, most times they blame themselves of your action. Well, just know that the pain and sham last fore a while and it ends if your friends and families are supportive.

Moreover, to the teen mothers, its advisable you learn about baby's care, health and nutrition. learn new skills and save money to get baby things, shop at secondhand store where you can get things cheap.

Remember you can't avoid completely the stress of teen pregnancy yet you can succeed by being patient.


Parents are to give helpful information about sex and consequences related to a premature sex, your discipline and instruction from infancy can save your child from being a victim of becoming a teenage mother.

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