If your courtship fails, your marriage will equally fair. If your affection is attached to someone you have not known very well and you are married together, the result will be divorce.
Romantic feeling with a total stranger in altitude and interest leads to problem.


Make up your mind to meet someone, then approach the person and say your mind, your feelings, and your desire; do well to know him or her better. 

Next time, have lunch or any activity together, have respect for each other, give honor to or him, respect the man as the head of the house when you are fully married.

If not married yet, avoid kissing and caressing of body because this could lead to sexual immorality. Remember sex before marriage is bad.

Acquire knowledge from married ones who are already into marriage, their wisdom will help you know the inner person of your mate, eventually leading you to a successful marriage. 

Mine while, go to places like zoos, art galleries movie and play.

Spend time together, know about what your mate likes and dislike if all these are done. Next is to consider challenges like. 

v  Problem of health
v  Your values
v  Some disease consequences
v  honesty
v  Pregnancy
v  How many child 

Another thing to consider doing together is: cooking together, shopping, cleaning the house and dishes.

 If courtship did not work out things well between both of you, meet together and end it up to avoid future problem.

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