A single parent is all about being a father and a mother at the same time to your children, it could be as a result of divorce, death or a long time travel by one of the mate, what about separation and illegitimate births? All are involved.This has brought majority of children and parent several pain.

A child without a father could be so depressing, dose mothers feel same way?  Yes they do. Feelings of guilt, tears, anger, loneliness, and worthlessness.

However, this can bring challenges to the mother, seeking for a job outside in other to take care of the family.


As a single parent, multiple house duties are involve, therefore teaching the children some house chores could help you because of lots of responsibilities on you, which includes:

Providing for the family

Seeking for a new job to meet up house expenses.

It would be helpful if children are thought how to perform some house work, like taking care of the dish, cleaning, keeping their own room neat.

As a single parent it can be hard to meet up with the financial aspect of family needs, therefore taking up mini job or trade can help. What about adjusting your children and family need to what you can real afford?

Spend time with your children and pay close attention to them, seek for advice and help from experience elderly ones, do not sound indecisive.

Whatever support you receive, put the feelings of your children in consideration and be reasonable, enforce family law. Remember that children who are let loose will end up bringing shame to the mother or family.


Avoid bad remark such as :

Like mother like daughter
Like father like son.

This can hurt the feeling of your children; learn how to give discipline to your children or punishment and instructions; when necessary give punishment to whoever is wrong.


Single parent suffers loneliness after the children must have gone to bed at night, feel bad but don’t dwell on then, God can give you the strength to control any feeling of depression, meet friends that can be helpful.

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