When do you think is the best time to engage in sex? immediately you are in love or when you are already married to someone else? it is really normal to feel the urge, majority believe that having premarital sex is good.

However, some individual think that having sex is a way to prove your man or womanhood. 


Are you still a virgin? If yes, do not give up your virginity. Bible says we should free from fornication.

Reasons: Pleasure you enjoy can bring pain, sexual transmitted disease, infertility, and health problem.

What  about abortion, illegitimacy , unwanted pregnancy, and early marriage.

Any age of a girl can become pregnant, With the fate that  your friend have sex and escape from being pregnant does not mean you can escape it too, so be careful, unless you want to have an early pregnancy.

One who engages in premarital sex stand the chance of becoming pregnant, fornication can bring unwanted pregnancy.

Avoiding the consequences of fornication can be possible if you are chaste, you will also enjoy peace and self –esteem.
Bible made mention of a maiden girl who says that she is a wall, her breasts are like towers, she was not a door to be opened by anybody, yes this can also be your faith.

Virginity is rare, so see yours as something of a high value, as a diamond. Remember that kiss; sex can’t create a perfect and permanent relationship.

Self-control brings security and fidelity, waiting till you and marriage brings peace of mind and happiness.LEARN MORE How to fin true love

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