Remarriage is as a result of divorce or loss of love one in death, which ever ways; it does hurt children so much.
Some children will plan or try to break up their parent new marriage.
Your biological parent and step parent have one thing in common and that is a marital vow, what God brought together let no one put apart, yes, even when you succeeded breaking them up, this would not in any way bring back your biological parent back.

Causing problem will not benefit you anything, if you insist, your stepparent may decide to put you away from the house. Your natural parents may have all remarried, so no where to go expect you choose to cope with whatever condition you see.

LOVE: You must show love to others, consider their own interest too not only yours, do not be jealous to share the love you have for your natural parent to your stepparent.

You are not my parent so don’t give me roles, that is what children say when there are given instruction in the house.
Accepting instruction means you have grown in thinking, so you better accept discipline, your stepparent handle the same duty your natural parent perform so you ought to give them that respect.
Putting up with them will only bring peace, learn to share with your stepbrother and sisters, do not see or treat then as nobody, their will help you get off your feeling.
Stepparents are they to take up the responsibilities of the house so be happy with then, don’t argue, or feel terrible.
Bible says, honor your parent even if there are not your natural parents you have to honor and respect their all.

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