Man and woman yearn to see a lasting bond in their relationship and marriage life, a whole life without love is nothing and boring.

 In other to find really love and happiness,
 you need to

 Practice giving 
 Avoid selfish love 
 Cultivate a genuine interest and
You can only be loved if you love others too.

The bible has help us to see that love keeps no account of injury and it does not resent, it seek for others interest first before yours, it bears all things, believe all things, endures all things and no account of jealousy.

If someone shows a loving concern toward you, how do you feel? If it does pleases your heart, therefore keep to mind the golden rule . All that you need someone to do to you, while not do the same to them! Yes, your friends, families, mate and relation will all be happy if you show a genuine interest to them.

Try to give others and you will be happy, there is a greater happiness in given than in receiving says the bible, become a good listener, and a good communicator. Your relationship, friends, families, can brings joy and satisfaction to you.

Spend time with your family, especially show genuine love, young one  should bear in mind that not finding a lover today does not mean you will not find again, so do not feel bad if you think no one care about you. Unselfish love is the true love.

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