Children are the joy of parent also an inheritance from God, this joy comes along with the responsibilities of training your child from infancy.

Training up your child is something you can never avoid, to become a better parent, there are principles your ought to follow.


Mother and father are partners in training their child, first, how do you see your girl child? In Africa, especially in Igbo land, girls child are regarded as worthless as nothing expect a male child.

Girl child are deprived of their opinion, their privileges and inheritance, what is the TRUTH? Girls are not second class child, be it daughter and son, offspring is offspring their all need equal treatment and love from the parent.


Families has sizes, decide what will be your family size base on your input,
·        Feeding
·        Clothe and
·        Education 

Do not think of entrusting your children to relative with the arm of training them for you, it’s your own responsibility to train them.

Remember, that anyone who does not provide for the household, he has disowned his faith.

This is the reason you should plan the size of your household.

·        Birth control (Not abortion)
·        Contraceptive
These are your personal decision to take.


Training your child is a parental duty,


From infancy, when the child has not started walking. Infancy is the right time to start training your child; do you know that baby hunger for knowledge?

·        Caressing your baby’s body and talking to your baby is a way of satisfying the babies emotional needs, when babies cry, it needs your love and attention.

Fathers should be close to their child-right from the start of the child life.
·        Loving relationship with your child
·        Affection of high degree 

Can kiss and huge kill a child? No, always give your child a warm hug and kiss.

Babies are so clever enough to receive and keep information. Read about babies’ brain.

Where can babies get information? From the parent, you parent need to get this qualities
·        Wisdom
·        Faith
·        Discernment
·        Loyalty
·        Love
·        Respect 

Your children need these qualities too. How can you help them?

First, make sure you have those qualities. Leave by examples because children are much influenced by what they see.

Communication: Spend quality time communicating with your children, not just talking. Be a good listener, do things that will make your child to smile and laugh.


This is the best means to make your family happy, engage in any social activity. Move out from home, travel a short distant journey, not just watching television at home, but meet with friends , play games , sing and visit enjoyable places.


Differences in religion can also affect the bringing up the child, though husband is the primary person to instruct the children yet, mother has their own role to play, make sure you do not challenge the headship of the husband.

Children are to respect their parent, (father/mother), show a loving concern for your parent. In the family, anyone who is a believer has the responsibilities to train up their child in the discipline and mental regulation of God. Learn how to be a good farther

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