WHO IS YOUR MATE? What could someone need from  a potential marriage mate? What are the qualities you expect from your partner? If you know any then list then out! Your own qualities too, list then down, how you can support to achieve successful marriage. List it down too. A bad or a good husband, which one do you choose to be? Are you a nagging type? Are you cheerful? You see, marriage can’t change you, being sensitive overly and proud will not change if you are married.

Best advice is to make the vital changes now before you can go into marriage. Look at this few things about marriage. (Customs) legal customs 1) Bride – price: This is where the grooms family is to pay in some money to the groom family Have head about a trial marriage? That is the claims of living together before marriage in other to be more compatible, are such practices right? Note. For a man and a woman to act rightly, wisdom is needed being an element of personal character that will helps you to distinguish the wrong from the right.

Wisdom is seen as a true crown of beauty, modesty/soundness of mind can only help you get that wisdom. The crown of beauty, women should learn to give attention to the secret person of the heart not appearance physically. Men should also treat the women in a respectful and kind way, man should also learn how to: Make decisions Take charge of duties Be humble and modest. Without this things they would be some misunderstanding between the man and the woman.

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