Family happiness

Am going to discuss four aspect of people that will contribute to family happiness. 

(1)What makes a good husband?
(2)How to succeed as a wife.
(3)How to be a good parent
(4)How children contribute to family happiness. 

 Every  household would like their family to be happy if only they apply the needed roles and guideline, let fully go down to the principles required in the family.

Role for husband 

Husband how do you treat your wife? Do you really love your wife? If yes, you need to be loving your wife as yourself. Do not be overly angry with your wife; be forgiven when she does something bad.

Remember that a successful marriage is the union of two forgivers. Wives need good consideration, husbands are asked to give the wife honor. The favor of life is shared equally between them two; both of them must limit their sexual interest to each other only. So husband should love their wife so much as they own body because they are accountable to their head only. Wives long for tender affection from their mate.

Role for wives:

The head of a woman is the man; wives should not look down on her husband because he is too small in size. For a family to operate in a good manner, it needs a head. Who then is the head? (The man)
Therefore wives should have deep regard for her husband, be in subjection to your husband. When a final decision is gotten by the man as the head, the wives should support and be in subjection. Wives has good role to play in the house:

·        Wives should love their husband
·        Love her children
·        Be sound in mind
·        Worker at home
·        Chaste 

If a wives act in this manner she will wine the love and respect of her family.

·        A wife should never depart from her own husband.
·        A husband should not leave his wife.

The only condition for separation or divorce is fornication by one of the mate.

Role of parent: 
 Parent consists of husband and wife. Parent should work-together to teach and protect their children from sexual predators. Give your children and advance warning against any danger. As with the stabs of a sword you should not speak to your children, give discipline in a way your children will see it as appropriate.

Role for children 

Children should do things that are pleasing to their parent, being obedient to your parent and elders. Avoid bad friends and wrongdoing.. parents should learn what to do when their grow old

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