Everyone has the need to love and to be loved; we desire to see a mate who will really love us. In some culture in African the younger can not get married except   the older one first get married so the marriage will be given in favor of the older one in the family before the younger one.

In such situation how do you feel about it? No doubt every sad I quest. However, we all need the affection of our parents, siblings, friends, children and well wishers.
We here and see people falling in love, getting married, every one talk about love, musicians, poets, singles people, married, young, old, and every living soul talk about love.
How do you feel seeing people falling in love while you have not found any? Because love is our close friend and relationship.

Yet that love brings problem, anguish, unhappiness, married ones end up in divorce, those who still manage to stay, stay with no happiness and emotional problem, all because of love. 
Children have become a victim of single parent, no emotional security, no loving family happiness.

True love is hard to find, many magazine has promise service of secrets of loving  and how to be loved, this advice and secret comes with price paying, but from my own view, that price is paid twice.

· You pay to get advice and secret but when the guideline or guardian fall, what next?
· You pay emotionally. That is double payment.
Too bad, no matter how big your feelings are, you are in the right place to know what love is the best solution to problem.
How to build a good relationship with someone, a genuine love is never bought.

Opposite of love is hatred; real love is missing in many relationship and families.
2 Timothy 3:1-4 says that people would love themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parent, unthankfull, disloyal, having no natural affection, slanderers, no self control, fierce, no love of goodness, betrayer’s, and pleasure lovers instead of loving God.
This is what people has turn into now, no more affection for their families, love, sex, and romantic books has made people to have unrealistic expectation and dissatisfaction.
Love at first sight involves the feeling and emotion of person at that time, but true love is more than a feeling and principles, take a good time and make an examination of the real thing you want. Look beyond mere feelings.
Making a wrong choice or decision will affect your mate, relationship, marriage, job, mental and physical health or such individual. Your concern should be how to struggle and make your relationship progress.

Trouble could result from the following
·        Your job
·        Money
·        Relationship
·        Friends.
Yes all these could turn negatively if the expectation of the other person is not met, true love need effort for it to work. Cooperation, humility, mildness, long-suffering and endurance.

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