It is proper you teach your children the proper hygiene, how to bath themselves using soap, give your child healthy food, teach them how to wash their hands at all time.

However, it is encouraging you prepare meals together creating the opportunity for communication, talk about activities such as: Swim, play, jog, basketball, bicycles riding. Yes, their will see how fun it is together as a family.

A friend is someone you talk to, someone who can share your feelings, who you can call any day any time. A friend understands your feelings when you are hurt.

Proverbs 18:24 say that there exists a friend sticking closer than a brother, we need that kind of friend, loneliness is common, so it is not a bad thing to feel lonely.
Loneliness is not an illness according to the book in search of intimacy. One becomes lonely when he or she avoids contact with others. If you distance yourself from people the more you become lonelier, one isolating himself will seek his own selfish longing says Proverbs 18:1.

·        Develop good qualities,
·        Take good care of your physical appearance.
·        Enjoy healthful diet and rest,
·        Look neat and clean.
This will give self respect and people will desire you.
Remember that fashionable clothing can not make you find real friend but the inner person in you. To make real friends you have to open your heart, make people know you and know then too in return. Do not open your secrets to someone you are not comfortable with.
Natural look can make you look more attractive than putting on an act; you can only enjoy real friendship if you are genuine.

To make friend you have to become a friend, remember the Golden rule. Just as you want men to do to you, do the same to them. The only way to make real friend is to avoid selfishness, have others feeling and interest ahead of yours. 

Learn how to give because true happiness comes from giving others, understand other people’s problem and see how to help them before they ask you of the help. Friends need attention to make it last.
Element of happiness in a friendship is having mutual respect, bible say that real friendship is loving all the time, It goes on to say that love is not jealous, be balance and sensible, the bible say that you should make your foot rare at the house of your fellowman, that he may not have his sufficiency of you.

If you, are not perfect do not expect the same perfection from orders, avoid taking your friendship for granted during hard time, do not think of withdrawing from your friend because he has a problem, that is the time they need you. Real friend don’t leave their friend when the going get tough.

What kind of value do your friends have? Proverbs 13:20 says, he that is walking with wise person will become wise, but he that is having dealing with the bad one will fare badly.
We make friend to feel good but if you fail to find out the person real qualities you may be disappointed later, making friend among the older one or younger ones can also improve your friendship by giving of your time, above all you will succeed having a happy and true friendship.                                                  

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