Literally a teenager is a person from thirteen to nineteen years of age, an adolescent. Teen years are considered to be turbulent and emotional problem, at this age a teenager still need their parent help and protection.

Though these are years of social life with friends full of activities. Yet, the result has always been problem here and there. Parent needs to help the teen girls and boys to get best education morally to succeed through trials leading to adulthood. Without a confidential talk between your teenagers, the result will be frustration, spend good time with your child. Your children can see you as a stranger if you do not have time for communication with them, so create the opportunity for an open interchanging of information with your children especially the teenagers.

Regarding a teenager relationship, to make your relationship or marriage works and enjoy happiness. Seek for the interest of your mate as precious and treat your own mate with love, know the kind of words you should use while talking to her or him. Lean how to say thank you or I love you, also learn how to send love text to them. Above all, lean how to say AM SORRY when you are wrong. When you are married, you are no more two but one in the flesh, be united, be honest and forgiven. If you achieve this, it will be easy to handle problem and make good decision.

Know your mate feeling, get close to her or him, ask questions about yourselves. You might have the right to do anything but to make peace preside, seek for your mate opinion before making decision or commitment. If you are perfect then expect perfection from your mate but if not, don’t expect that. Focus on the positive side of your mate, the good quality in her let her know about it, let her know you really appreciate her. As a result of this your marriage will without end become stronger than ever. Be loyal so as to build trust, in turn love will flourish.

Two things are involve to protect your marriage. (1) Your marriage should be the most vital thing in your life, make it your priority. Do not neglect your mate, make your mate feel happy and always spend time together, give all your attention to your mate (2) Protect your heart and guide your eyes, vow never to disappoint your mate.

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