Early training of a child

What your child is exposed to during early life can affect how that child brain develop, during childhood, what a child learn and what he does not, can really affect their ability in future to come.
What to do

To enhance a well development of a child brain, this is what to do:

·        Make them feel love
·        Purposeful
·        Belong and
·        Caring 

This will help the brain to develop, as a parent, you have to foster to the development of healthy and caring growth Of your children. To achieve this you have to be an exemplary person,  teaching and communication can help them mature to responsible adult.

However, to achieve success in training your child you need to start early  from infancy, seek for help and guidance from experience person if you are a new young parent.

Principles from the bible can help you nurture your child effectively.


Loving attention to your children is vital when it comes to emotional and mental growth, show love to them, report shows that games plaid to your child is important in their development.

Moreover, the love and affection you show to your child is foundation to their development leading to a responsible adult, in most of my article I mentioned the need of spending time with your children. It creates a communication and a close bond between parent and children.
Parents spending time with children is vital enough compare to the use of  toys.


·        Go to social parks
·        Observe natures 

This is the best opportunity of communication and meaningful question to your children.
Children develop their brain through play, with toys especially simple toys.

Allowing your child to explore their own world, yet you still have the responsibility to know what they are doing at anytime. Teaching is the best way to raise your child to moral value.

However, as a parent you have to read to your infant child, this can stimulates their synaptic connection. Reading to your child should be regular at the same time every day.

Teaching your child involve, discipline, correction, and any form of punishment. Discipline is the best to do.


It is well advice you take your children to play centers, camping, zoo, drawing, and painting. These are the best way you can teach and instill good moral values in them.

Thereafter, you will be happy seeing your child developing positive characters and good communication skill.

Proverbs 15:20 says, train up a boy according to the way for him, even when he grows old he will not turn away, so parent should express their love for their children generously.


·        Nurture your children
·        Teach them
·        Spend good time with then 

Doing so will bring family happiness.  

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