·        When you grow old, what do you observe in your body?
ü Weakness
ü Wrinkles
ü Loss of hair color       
ü Memory failure 

For those who are growing old there is a guideline for such  once (Man)

1.  Be moderate in habits

2.  Be serious ‘sound

3.  Be serious

4.  Sound in mind

5.  Healthy in faith

6.  In love

7.  In endurance
Women who growing old should be:

·        Reverent in behavior

·        Avoid  slandering

·        Do not take lot of wine.

Do what is good in growing old has many problem, the above listed can help you handle problem of growing old. Yet do what you can to maintain stability of you marriage.


v Close communication
v Team together
v Cooperating together can help grow your marriage bond.
v Do not leave your mate because he or she is old, you have grandchildren already which is the crown of the elderly one.


Death is a bad thing to experience, I ladimbellar lost my lovely brother. In death less than 48 hours to his wedding. At the age of 25, how does it sound? Bad right? Of course.

Married couples are separated by death of their mate, no one to talk to. But be assured that they will come back to life again, be free to ask your question about any problem in life you are in the right place to get your answer.

Therefore, gray headedness is a crown of beauty when found in the way of righteousness.

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