Communication is more than just speaking, man must be swift about hearing, slow to speak, and wives should not keep their opinion within themselves. Best of all is that good communications between parents prevents trouble, misunderstand and mistakes. 
Your marriage can never be a failure if there is a good communication, problem are easily solved, if you are not use to it then develop that skill of good communication, use pleasant thought if you want to save your marriage.
When last did you send a love test to your mate? Even 40-60 years you can still do it, express your honest feeling to your mate, there are words you can use to show your appreciation, (Love expression). Many divorce as a result of resentments, hatred on the heart for many years. Failing to sort out their problems, failure to cherish their mate.

Avoid treating your mate silently if there is a problem in the house; talk out your differences at the right time, reading Gods word can also help you save your marital vow.
Putting in practice what you read, this includes taking care of your older parent. It is not easy but it needs effort. As a result, you will enjoy a lasting relationship.

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