Things that damage family

·        Alcoholism
·        Violence 
These elements have eating up the peace of many families.


What are the dangers?
Alcoholic beverages is not condemn in any way but drunkenness is absolutely bad, some loss their control over a small or big alcoholic, it can damage the peace in the family, some feel frustrated when their have struggled to stop alcohol yet find it hard to stop, causing anger anxiety, lack of self-respect, children are deeply affected by their parent involvement in alcohol.
This however, has resulted in physical assault, sexual molestation, children suppressing their feelings.

One funny part of it is that a drunker does not agree he or she has a problem.     
So what to do is this, according to one physician, the vital thing to do as a family is to go on about their business of living in the healthiest way.
The alcoholism may put the blame on the family as the cause of his or her drinking habits, perhaps saying that they never treated him or her well that is why he drinks, one can become a victim to alcoholism by condition or circumstances.
Whichever way, we are fully responsible over what we do, so their ought to feel the effect of his drinking habits.
Get help from others, especially your true friend. A true companion is a brother during problem so accept help from others, Alcoholism in the family can only bring no joy but distress, pain, disgrace and family apart. Separation, divorce.

Meeting those who have first-hand experience, trusted friend, and people who really understand the problem can help you out, yes! God can still help you, he said to help those who are broken at heart, those crushed in spirit, he knows how hard the situation is having an alcoholic family.
There are families today having plenty problem in the house, husband who beat their wives, also wives who assault the husband, parent beating the children, and also children abusing their parent, yes this is the affect and result of alcoholism in the family.
Domestic violence has been an order of the day in many houses, the damage is more than a scars, what about shames, and feeling or guilty, worst of all is when the children glows up there may build a family full of violence.

Speaking senselessly is among an act of domestic violence, calling names, you are this you are that, shouting on top their voice, criticism, insult, threat and more of it are also domestic violence.
Emotional violence is not notice in a person, this can spoil the spirit of your child, parent should learn especially father to avoid exasperating their young children.

Your thinking determines if you are violence or not, you can chance and build in you a new personality. Love your wife as your own body, give them honor.
In turn, wife should also respect and love their husband, both of you should stop any physical abuse, no screaming, thoughtless saying, address each other with respect. 
If not, do not feel surprised seeing your children acting bad or behaving like a popular slogan, like father like son or  like  mother like daughter.
Show honor to older ones, treat them with care and love, children too should give due compensation to their parent with respect and dignity. Providing financial support for them.

Do not allow anger glow in you, settle any issues immediately, don’t loss your anger, and instead leave the place until your anger are gone. Control your anger by engaging in social activities.

Alcoholism and violence will soon end, love and peace will prevail. God never left his purpose of creating the earth and family, a new world that will bring peace and security. 
Violence, alcoholism, fear and pain will be the things of the past, you and your family will be happy together with abundance peace.

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