How can your courtship remind clean morally? And how can you apply  self control, putting others interest first ahead of your own can contribute to a honorable dating leading to marriage.

A successful dating can lead to a successful marriage.

Wedding period 
This is no doubt the most busy time putting things together for the wedding things from the final month, weeks, day and hour.

These day in Africa, some part in Africa-prefer more elaborate wedding in other to please the community, friends and especially the bride. Thereafter, couples may face challenges such as:

1.  Financially weakness
2.  Lost of joy
3.  Family imbalance 
4. Stress

After the marriage, to enjoy a lasting marriage bond.
Two things are involve

1.  Love:  an intense fleeing of affection and care towards another person. But we have different kinds of love. 

1.  A warm personal affection for someone dear to you
2.  Love between members of the family
3.  A romantic love between opposite sex. 

Wife and husband are to cultivate this types of love

4.  Agape love:  the kind of love we have for human and for God.

2.  Step or key:  is respect, with respect between the two parts. Happiness will follow. 

How can you define respect?
Respect is an attitude consideration, to give honor to someone. Husbands are advice to honor their wife as a weaker vessel, the feminine one (I Peter 3:7) wife show deep respect to her husband. Ephesians 5:33 Those who want to have a happy marriage should have regard for their mate not having personal interest on their own matters only but that of others.

Woman subsection     

Wife is expected to manifest love, respect and submission. While the husband is to exercise loving headship.Though wife submission is not limited to that alone but also a good helper, being supportive to house decision   

Interchange of information is really vital between husband and wife. The method of communication between wife and husband is considered the most important thing, uses of a kind words, gracious look, kindness, understanding and tenderness. Then communication can flourish, yes because good words are seen to be sweet to the soul and a healing to a Broken heart. In a relationship, good communication is vital.

Remember that selfishness, greedy, violence and dishonesty can destroy a close and strong bond in marriage.what to known about teenagers

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