Many families have series of issue today, big problems so to say. They are cases of wife with family living with the husband but when it comes to decision they get decision of thy in-law, get job away from home, but how much job should you allow your mate to do? Be it outside and home! Because of economic issues, families are breaking down gradually. 

Moreover, most time people see they elderly ones especially the age parent as burden a problem to the family. Instead of seeing it as an obligation. In some country age parent are carelessly neglected, and disregarded. 

Divorce: Is common today, what is divorce? The legal dissolution of a marriage, a separation of connected things, husband and wife breaking up, separate themselves from children.
Look at this! Out of 8 marriages in Spain are divorce, Britain is reported the highest divorce rate. 

Then Europe 4 out of 10 marriages collapsed.
Germany on their own care abandons their traditional family. More than 40% in Germany are single parent.
In France they marry not often but among the married ones they divorce earlier. 

Children: In many land and culture especially united state is reported, that many are burn out of wedlock, teenagers girl have many child from separated father. This has lead to children gallivanting the street because of the homelessness and lack of support.  

Secret of happiness  

Happiness can be achieved in many ways only if you can practice the point that will be listed below soon, reliable family principle. Many people get their guideline from different books, naves articles – and many more- but believe me there is only one way and place to get successful family. Do you know that book?

Bible: is the only source of your happiness. Whether, divorce, single, loss of love one in death and family problem am here to solve your problem with bible council. whatever problem you have feel free to drop your question or problem and it will be solved and answered because, all scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things right, for discipline in righteous, you can read this 2 Timothy 3:16.

God is the originator of marriage, so do not doubt the ability of these articles to changing your family life to happiness .You can still consider Genesis 2: 18-25 He is the creator and the founder of family. Your stress and problem your are facing are no problem, from testimony, people who applied Gods principle are having greater happiness in the family.

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