Divorce is a legal dissolution of a marriage, a separation between man and a woman. This bring the feeling of despair. Well don’t think this is the end of once life or an everlasting misery. Anger, shame, anxiety and depression, lost of parental love could all be the result of divorce .


People break up because of a hidden problem between couples, it could be a sexual misconduct, abusive speech. Some have minor reason for divorce, selfishness, and lack of love.

Remember bible says that only ground for divorce is having an affair outside marriage bond.


Divorce ruins the life of children especially, this could cause then to make unwise decision in life. frustration, worries of shelter, clothing, and school are among the challenges caused by divorce.

Children are advice never to see they parent as being wicked, there are also suffering from the same situation as a divorced family. 
Therefore, let your parents’ divorce not be an excuse for your misbehavior, be a responsible person from that moment.


Avoid useless decision, continue your education, think of how to avoid the same mistake your parent made and try to build your own marriage successfully if you have grown up for that.


The heartbreak, the fear, the grief, shock and depression. Could last a couple of years after divorce, the worst divorce last three years, yes but you have to work towards forgetting does worries involve in other to go on with your life. Dwelling on the past event can only deprive you of the present things.


Do not be angry with your parent or your mate because they left you, be compassionate and forgiving. Remember no one is perfect, your parent divorce does not mean their hated you or your life has ended, you can still be happy and go on with your life, continue your school, involve your self social in activities, meet friends that are understandable. Determine not to dwell in your parents break up.     

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