Mothers are really vital to our life especially in bringing up children,
because mothers have been the primary guardians to children education, character, personality and care.


Mothers have the duty of bringing up their children; still, their seek for  secular work in other to help the family, in most caress, husband travels abroad or just away from home. Some lost their mate in death.

So mothers are left alone as a single parent to raise their children alone, some mother too lack education because of some culture where women are not educated as a girl child. Some people see girls education as unnecessary, instead their push them into marriage.


Education is really important, today majority  are not educated, some people believe that women are not meant to be educated, so with little you are educated has a women. Use it to train and bring up your children since you are the primary person to bring up their children. 

Lots of challenges are faced by single and non-simple mothers, let no one see mothers as inferior, nor belittled them.


The law of mother’s children are asked never to forsake, being a capable wife, husband should always love and respect their wives. 


Seek advice: In bringing a child you face challenges such as frustration and fear. Some parent seek parental expert for advice, yet their advice may be out of date.


Someone who really know how to raise children well, seek advice from such one (Bible) has good advice on how to be a good parent, still, this site is well design to help out in any problem regarding family life:


When a child cries, it means she or he needs your love and care, so you need to develop a mutual love for your children especially between first 6 years, have good time together with your family.


Your romance should be expressed by affection, seek for no problem in your mate, giving expression of endearment will soften the heart of your spurs.

Tell your children you love them so much, yes they all need to be assured that they are loved and important in the family.

Weather married, single, or whatever, do all you can to improve the joy of your family life. A perfect bond of union is love, so cultivate it.


Do not be afraid that your children will challenge your authority, or that your authority may distance them from you, children know that there have it has an obligation to be obedient to their parent and parents should exercise their authority with love and respect.


Giving rules and regulation to your children means you love them, children are selfish and stubborn. To wine their heart, show them that you love and cherish them all.


Write out rules or law; point out the consequence of violating them. Enforce those law, make sure you give punishment when their do something in contrary.

If you procrastinate, your children will always think that your laws are not worthy to be kept, remember not to give punishment when you are still angry, wait till your vexation are gone.

“Let your NO mean NO” and YES mean YES according to Matthew 5:37.  


What make a child feel secure and safe is instruction and rules, spend quality time with your children regularly.

Set time for few activities, such as:
Bedtime study, eating time, reading time and other most important things in the family.


The most vital person children need is their parents, so be approachable. Try to know the feelings and thought of your children, their like and dislike.

Teach your children by example; children can learn faster from what they see you do, as a parent be  a good exemplary. learn more how to succeed as a single parent
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