You need good preparation before you can think of going deeply into marriage. Lay a good foundation, consider the cost, and up and down. Getting married is not the problem, but have you considered the cost? Your readiness? And all the possible challenges that comes from marriage. Think of 

1.  How much ready are you
2.  What to expect from your mate
3.  How dating can be kept worthy 
Are you ready to get married?
Before then please consider how you can maintain a marital relationship 
What is involved?
A man will leave his or her parent in other to stick to his wife and they must become one flesh. You can read Genesis 2:24 that is just it, you have no right to drive your partner away except on the bases of one reason and that is: 
1.  Fornication: illicit sex relations outside the marriage. If you are not ready, to say I do, real commitment. Majority of problem will not be seen as a problem if you really love the person you are planning to get married to, the commitment can make you feel secure and happy.  
It is advised before you get married, allow the bloom of youth to pass because that is the time when sexual feeling become strong and distort your judgment. Those who marry at younger age remain unhappy and are left with one option, that is: divorce, but those who are married as an adult and more matured are still enjoying their marriage despite problem faced. 
Wait still your are matured, do not rush into marriage, get experience from mature once, taking all this step will help you succeeding in your relationship reading you to marriage.

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