One of my articles I discussed how bitter it was when I lost my elder brother in death, the affection and feeling of grieving family could be unbearable.

The joy of every parent is their children; love, happiness and satisfaction result from seeing your children glow up with you to mutuality. But, the joy can be incomplete when a child dies, and the hope of the parent becomes dashed out.

Feelings of hopelessness, empty spaces in the hearth, but Jehovah God has promise to give strength to those who are grieving.

·        Endurance and
·        Comfort.

God has promise grieving parent sustenance through their intense sadness.
Company of friends is also helpful to grieving family, if isolating yourself, it may be dangerous. This is an occasion to know a true friend who loves you; it is really hard to forget at first the pain and sorrow involved.
However, bereaved family are promised of taken away the pain and sadness through bringing back the dead ones to life again this is actually a source of comfort.
I say to all who have lost someone in death to take heart, weather, son, and daughter, young, old and whichever way it happens, bear in mind that situation can change for better. 

There is a hope of resurrection to bring back the dead ones back to life.

What to do
v  Be obedient
v Look for Jehovah
v Seek his strength
v Serve him
v Worship him
Yes through prayer you are assured of strength, comfort and real happiness.

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