Awake magazine of Jehovah witness called baby’s brain as the most powerful leaning machine in the world; babies are cleaver enough to absorb the sound, sight, and sensation around him. Sound affect baby’s attention sight also interests them. So parents should do all that interest baby and therefore this will help their development.

Researches have proved that within few days babies are accustomed to his mother language and voice than that of someone else. Baby can differentiate ordinary speech from unintelligible speech.

When necessary exaggerated sound or speech make baby’s to respond to you.

·        Their need your love 
·        They need to be given food
·        They need to change pampers 
·        And they need you to hold them.
As a mother you can accomplish your role as nursing mother by pampering your baby, it is very vital in baby’s life.

At year two, baby change their behavior causing frustration to parents, at this time parents should keep their instruction firm and in a loving way. In the end the child will adapt to the new principle.
Babies or child can feel emotions such as shame, prides, embarrassment this stage lead to adult when the child will be able to make right choice.
However, child can also develop another quality of feeling of others, during this age the child only play around, parents should begin watching their child regarding bad and good, training them in other to become reasonable adult.

At this step it is hard to find how much your child could listen to your discipline, repetition of disciplines is important at this time.
However, repetition of your discipline and punishment when necessary will make the child know the consequences of disobedience. This can actually help regulate your child behavior.

Parent should make the children know that anything seen as bad will always all the time remain bad, so it is well advice you parent remain consistency in your discipline, that is only way you proved love and security.

Children can take advantage of you if they found out that there is no unity between you and the husband, parents should speak in agreement in all things. In case there is misunderstanding both of you should discuss it in a privacy.
Consistency also includes keeping your word and promises made to your child so that they can always rely on you. 

Meanwhile, let all malicious bitterness and anger and wrath and screaming and abusive speech be taken away from you, according to Ephesians 4:31. Therefore, discipline in a loving way not in a form of brutal punishment, and  physical abuse. 
Let your child know the reason of your punishment and consequences of not keeping the discipline.

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