Old age mistreatment

Mistreatment of the elderly parent has been a heavy Load that their bear around the globe, because of the abuse and harassment of older ones by their family members has caused some age parent to end their life.

Mistreatment has always come from their daughters and son, in some part in African. When there is an older person in the family. They are seen as a witch. Remember the bible says that we all should take care of our elderly one.

Parents, children and family member are ought to provide and care for their older ones, because they depend on you. 

So do not let them feel unwanted in the family, some day we will become old like them. The mistreatment, injury, exploitation, can cause a broken heart lead to death. They need more attention than an abuse child.

The effects of elderly mistreatment are not seen easily because there are always responsible never to bring reproach to the family and to avoid hurting the feeling of the children even if there are been mistreated.
Child abuse is taken serious by the government but elderly mistreatment are neglected for no reason.

People only love themselves, having no affection to other, bible made mention of gray headiness as a crown of beauty when found in the way of righteousness, God gave a law respect caring for the elderly ones, showing consideration to an older man. Looking after orphans and widows.
Old age comes with depression and loneliness; we can help them out in some ways like.
·        Financial need
·        House work
·        Support from friends and family.
The grandchildren should take the read in providing for their older ones, paying a due compensation to them; remember there is a need to assist them in shopping, transportation and cleaning.

The effect of mistreatment of elderly one will end soon ravaging of old age; wiping of tears, ending of death, yes this is Gods promise.
No more mistreatment of elderly ones; opportunity to live forever on earth. Only if we obey his commandment such as not treating our older ones with disrespect.

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