Being a step parent

Step father or stepmother is common in some family today; children from previous marriages many develop jealously or a conflict of character. Your opinion or instructions are hardly regarded.
Succeed as a stepparent 

First, you need to have good qualities,
·        Wisdom
·        Discernment

Understand why setting things are done, show empathy. Children may not agree your effort to make peace thinking that you want to take off the affection they had once enjoyed with their absent parent. 

When instruction is given in the family, the child may end up saying. You don’t give me command because you are not my daddy or mummy.

·        Don’t get angry
·        Show empathy
·        Use discernment
·        Do not hurt them      

Agree on the discipline and firmly keep to it, do not favor your biological offspring over that of the stepchild.
Remember, no one is perfect, discipline in love and do not react overly.

This can help, discuss the most vital things in the family, how to treat themselves along with their step-brothers, step-sisters, fathers and mothers.

It actually takes enough time to develop a flesh relationship, so be patient, it takes an effort to gain the love of those step-family members.

·        Be wise
·        Discerning and
·        Strong desire
These will earn you the peace in a step-family. learn how to bring up your child

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