How you can become a good father

As a good father you need to let your children knew that they are vital to you as a father, how can you show it? Your effort to feed them. Providing an adequate security and home. Providing the above will make your children believe that they are importance to you.

Spend time with your children, mother should create close bond with their children in contrary to this, will make your children think that you don’t care about them.

However, unborn child begin to hear from the womb at the period of 16 weeks after conception according to Orperls.
So, father this is the time you need to build a close relationship with your baby on the womb. Yes the heartbeat of the baby, the kick and rest of it. Sing a song to it talk to it, it here you while still unborn.

Men are fully involved in child training, good communication with your children, be a good listener, don’t overreact. Genuine interest ins really importance, so be show to speak, and swift about hearing.

Showing loving concerns to your children even when you are angry give correction, advice and punishment when necessary. Commendation is really vital because it enriches children character. 
It is really hard bringing up a child but you should not give up your effort, your child can only, blossom when you acknowledge them, so seek for good opportunities to commend your children.

Bible says that father’s should not exasperate their children.
Because it bring down heated spirit, still father are asked to love and respect their wife as their own body assigning their honor.
How you take care of your roles in the family can affect the children.
The way you show regard to your wives can affect child development, if a mother is respected by the husband. The health development of the child will progress. For this reason father should continually loving their wife.
Though, more is needed to become a good father to your children, do not expect perfection just maintain your loving principles and you will without fail be a good father.

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