Today many people young and old see love at first sight as a true love, is that how you see it?

A world without love is useless, love is actually a good thing to experience, and love is really a  beautiful thing. Yet do not be deceived in believing that love at first sight is a true love because of television, books, movies and stories you enjoy reading or watching.
Read proverbs 11:22 it says that as a gold nose ring in the snout of a pig, so is a woman that is beautiful but turning away from sensibleness.
Beauty does not fit a woman that is senseless, do not fall in love base on physical beauty but persons character, this apply to (Man and woman).
If you took around your community, many people who are married today marry under the illusion of being in love.
In Africa, year to year every Saturday every hour and minutes, people get married. You will see that infatuation has lured men and women into an illusive and poor marriage.
One that, trust his heart is considered lacking in intelligence, because heart is the most deceitful thing. Only with wisdom that you can escape that lack of intelligence.

v    An unselfish attitude toward others
v    Romance do not start too fast but slowly
v    Attraction of personality
v    Showing love not minding any problem
v    Disagreement and real settlement
v    Sharing with others.

v Romance begins so fast
v Selfishness
v Concern of physical look
v Unrealistic
v Disagreement, settlement with kiss
v Concern about persona sexual satisfaction
v Putting you down in public.

Infatuation is fake, don’t allow it deceive you, it is a complete counterfeit love.
True love is long-suffering and kind, according to the bible, it does not brag, get puffed up, no personal interest, not jealous, it does not provoke no account of injury or past event. 1 Corinthians 13:4-5.
Romantic feelings must be balanced between the couples, if you are really in love then you have to seek for others interest  not just your own alone, show respect, build the trust and happiness of the relationship.

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