At first marriage start with happiness and flow with love, but things could suddenly chance. Some mate become disillusioned with love and everything about life, love and respect dies when they is a financial problem. In a marriage no one should expect problem free in the family. Problem of all kind will come struggling to take away the joy and happiness of the marriage.

As an imperfect human you should expect misunderstanding and miscommunication between couples, false expectations can also bring dissatisfaction in your marriage. Maybe you most have expected more of the good side from your partner and in the end it turn out to be negative, bible state that marriage can bring pain and grief.


The relationship involve two imperfection humans, more you become closer more your respective attitude and fault are disclose. Yes, blinded with romantic love, people have expected to have more that their can offer in the marriage.

To build a happy marriage more effort and responsible is expected, you have to observe the positive side of your mate and show appreciation.


What factors can bring happiness to marriage?

Could it be when you have a new job?

When you have your own house?

 However, could the above mentioned bring you lasting happiness? Your achievement and acquisition does not quarantine a lasting happiness, though what gives you happiness can not give me the same happiness too.



Cultivating of love

Distance from envy

And mental resilience.

Ecclesiastic say that money is for a protection, Solomon acknowledge that a lover of money will not be satisfied with it. Avoiding envy is really vital because it can destroy your happiness, Encyclopedia of social psychology says that envy can poison a persons ability to enjoy good things.

So you have to see others with humility as better than u, to be happy you need to love others and bear in mind that in life you should not expect problem free.

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