In life one thing is for sure, that no marriage is immune to problem. 1 Corinthians 7:28 says that marriage have pain and grief, yet it's a risky routine undertaken by many people today. Very sad that what started as a relationship, with joy and happiness has become the most painful and frustrating thing in life, especially between married partners.


. Resentment
. Frequent Argument
. Abusive Speech and
. Infidelity


Before taking any decision to break up your marriage, you have to think wisely and deeply about it. Because divorce could not be the answer to the problem, therefore you have to be informed about the involvement and implications of divorce before you can go ahead and take your decision.

Marriage is really for better and for worse, a life permanent bond of union. Awake magazine of says that many marriages that broke up on trivial ground could have bean saved if partners had been more forgiving to each other.

However, the only biblical ground for divorce and remarriage is on the ground of sexual relation outside your own married mate. That is the only right you could have to end your marriage if really you want to.

* Financial problem

This challenge greatly affect women mostly after divorce, at this time they exist a bridge of financial support from the ex- mate. Women are most vulnerable to such challenges, you may be left with one option. To seek for new job in other to provide for the children, the family and herself.

Putting into consideration the emotional pain and consequence involve, is enough reason you should give a great thought to it, before seeking for a divorce.

However, if you chose to divorce, bear in mind that they will be a re-direction of your income. Making it uneasy to take care of your family expenses, especially your Children education and shelter. What about becoming dady and mummy to your children? These are the challenges.


. lost of happiness
. lost of hope
. feelings of being neglected

Children are always the forgotten causalities regarding divorce.


It is natural when you found out that your ex-mate is having dealing with someone else, you become jealousy and down emotionally.

Remembrance of happy moment you once had together, all the sweetest words, such as. You are my eternal, i can't live without you,sweet heart i will love you forever. Hmmmm, words of endearment you use to say to each other.


You could divorce only on the ground of unfaithfulness by your mate, to divorce or not to divorce is your right decision to take. Think of the involvement and consequence of divorce, think of your children, and think of yourself.


Look at this from this point, to renovate a building and to construct a flesh building from the foundation, which among the two wound be more expensive? You would agree with me that to renovate a building will be less expensive than a flesh building.

That is how it is with an unhappy marriage. Therefore, it can cost you little to save your unhappy marriage. How? By finding out the problem in your marriage.

Try to solve the problem with your mate, work hand to hand to restore the peace you once had in your marriage. Set out a goal how to improve in your marriage life, this is all you have to do in other to save your marriage.


Divorce is not the solution to unhappy marriage, you can work out your problem gradually, lovenly and in peace, the bible says that love cover's multitude of article discuses the key to happiness

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