HOW TO GAIN FAMILY HAPPINESS,.Marriage is a union of two or more people that creates a family tie and carries legal and/or social rights and responsibilities. Marriage is important to family happiness considering a legal marriage because it enhance a good and save environment to children.

Bringing up your child in a secured way still depends on your regards to local law respecting marriage registration. How you view your marriage can affect your happiness, do you see marriage as a temporary union between you and your mate? Loyalty between wive and husband promote peace and family happiness.

Therefore, husband as a family head should take care and provide the material need of his family. HOW TO TREAT EACH OTHER Treat each other with respect and love, husband especially should show self sacrificing spirit in loving the wife. Remember marriage is a union of two imperfect humans. However, learn to be a good forgiver reason being that it can promote family happiness.


The legal dissolution of a marriage. A separation of connected things. Divorce can tear a family apart and it hurt so much, bible shows that only grand for divorce and to remarry is when one of the mate commit adultery. Yet, divorce is not the solution to an unhappy marriage, the best thing to do is to treat each other with love and respect.

Parents has a lot of wisdom and experiences that can help the children, unity in the family brings happiness to children especially the provisions of shelter, food and clothing. As a Christian, teach your children how to love and respect God, to make your child think and do the right thing, you have to show good example.

What your children see you do can really influence them. Children needs discipline and corrections repeatedly, this can save their happiness now and when they mature to adults. Discipline in love and with respect, avoid harsh voice, all children need the guidance of their parents.

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