Having a girlfriend is not bad but when it goes
beyond casual friendship it becomes dangerous to
your destiny, body & soul. If you want to be great in life, forget about keeping a
girlfriend. It's better you marry as early as possible if you can't hold yourself anymore.

THINK: You may not know that keeping a girlfriend is more costly/expensive than
having a wife. How?  You may ask.

That is why most of you can't give a reasonable
account of your life due to womanizing.

Some of you will
steal just to please a girl in the name of love,  why not share that love with the orphans?

Men had experienced and too many of it, reality regarding women who would have been the one they cherish and desire.

Have you ever wondered what would happen when
you offered yourself to a man and he opened you
only to discover that you were not the GIFT he

Now what i meant by "Opening" here is not
SEX, Far from it. You think you're beautiful? Your
attitude, your behavior, your priorities, your
requirements, your manners, your duty determine and
define your beauty.

When you look at the
mirror what you see is only your face not your

Applying act to your beauty will never make you
succeed in your relationship instead it is the inner person
of the heart not outer appearance.

Beauty is inward and it is not seen but felt. Why being so
proud when no man can be proud of you?.

No matter how beautiful you think you are, it has
nothing to do with your Lifestyle. It has nothing to
do with how you comport yourself. Be a real woman and not a PLASTIC Woman that
can be burnt down by a candle flame. Be real
if you want a real man. How sad marrying a woman only to realize that she's fake and empty.

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