Friendship is the condition of being friends, a friendly relationship.

How can you fine or make a good relationship that can lead you to a successful marriage? First you have to seek for good guidance from your family members and from your good friends.

NOTE: Perfect relationships are not made up of
perfect people, still it can be kept clean and honorable. You have to acknowledge that the standard set is for your own good, the truth about human nature should be recognize.

Rule of right behavior should be set and allowing God to be in your marriage. In a relationship no one should expect perfection
because we are all imperfect, in life we are made up of compromises,
adjustments, unconditional love and understanding.

However, you will have to go through your share of fights out of the
blue arguments, weird situations and bouts of
silly annoying mood.

You have to be ready to
make compromises and adjustments, you have to be
willing to embrace each others imperfections to make your relationship work, yes you don’t have to be perfect to make a relationship rocking.

You need to be

You need to be emotionally strong.

You need to be willing

You need to be in LOVE.

Don't trust your own heart but work with wisdom so that you can succeed, real success in your relationship involves success in dating and in marriage. If you have hard a successful dating then you will have a successful marriage, still don't trust your own heart.

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