To make a good relationship, you have to seek for god guidance
and parental discipline, if you fail. The result will be:

1. Shame of members of your family.

2. Lose of respects from other people, and

3. A dirty or a damaged conscience.

Perfect relationships are not made up of
perfect people. Yet , it can be kept clean and honorable.

You have to acknowledge that the standard set is for your
own good, the truth about human nature should be recognize.

Rule of right behavior should be set, and allowing god to be in your marriage. In a relationship no one should expect perfection
because we are all imperfect, in life we are made up of compromises,
adjustments, unconditional love and understanding.

You will have to go through your share of fights,
out of the
blue arguments, weird situations and bouts of
silly annoying mood swings.

You have to be ready to
make compromises and adjustments. You have to be
willing to embrace each others imperfections to make
your relationship perfect. You don’t have to be perfect
to make a relationship rocking… You need to be
compatible…You need to be emotionally strong…
You need to be willing… You need to be in LOVE.

Proverb 28: 26 says that he or she that is trusting his own heart
is stupid, but he is that is working in wisdom is the one that will escape. Therefore, real success in your relationship involves success in dating and in marriage.

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