What are the bitterness in marriages today? They are a lot of things that can make marriages bitter, today marriages are losing its honor in the society.

Let us discuss two important questions about marriage.

1. How can you save your marriage?

2. Why is marriages in danger?

Have you ever asked yourself such questions?

It's not something new  to see marriages facing problem, the law that regulate marriage institute on the issue of break up of marriage has removed some of the stigma attached to divorce.

Divorce has many effect, yet those who seek for self gratification because of impatient fail to consider the consequences of divorce, marriage expert end up promoting divorce instead of defending it.

With this fear, some mate live together without commitment.

Most people don't know the purpose of getting married, they reasons could be because of the following.

1. Love

2. Fidelity

3. Intimacy

4. And child bearing.

These may not be your reason of getting married, perhaps you may see other reasons too.

Why then do we have high rate of divorce and separation?

Who is behind all this marriage storms?

Do you think it's.

1. Your Husband
2. Your Wife
3. Your Children
4. Satan or who?

Remember that a legal marriage is vital to family happiness because it provides a secure environment in which to raise children.

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