What God has put together let no one put apart, says the bible. Today marriages are losing its honor in the society, will discuss two questions in this article.
1. How can you save your marriage? And

2. Why is marriages in danger?

It's not something new to see marriages facing problem, all this issues started from Adam and Eve because of their selfish desires .

That is why every thought of people are always bad because of sin and imperfection, the law that regulate marriage institute on the issue of break up of marriage has removed some of the stigma attached to divorce.

Divorce has plenty consequences, yet those who seek for self gratification because of impatient fail to consider the consequences of divorce, Marriage expert end up promoting divorce instead of defending it. 

With this fear, some mate live together without commitment, some opposite sex cohabit in other to be more compatible before their marry, people don't know the purpose of getting married. Though some get married because of the following reasons:

1. Love

2. Fidelity

3. Intimacy

4. And child bearing.

These may not be your reason of getting married, perhaps you may see other reasons too.


In USA report shows that 2 in 5 adult is affected by divorce and also 70 percent divorce happen within the first decade of marriage.

In Australian 50 percent of their marriage end up in divorce.

In koria 23,000 divorce in one year.

In japan 4 marriage 2 divorce.

Who is behind all this storms? Do you are think it is the.

1. Husbands

2. Wife's

3. Children

4. Satan or who?

Well, Satan is really bent on creating trouble in the world as a whole especially in the family, after he was driven away from heaven they hard been increase of lawlessness.


Among the institutions nation wide, families is considered as the oldest institution, if you are thinking of bring up your child to adulthood then think of building a strong family.


First, seek fore activities that will involve the whole family's, use the opportunity to talk about daily event, things that are important in the family, enhance the happiness of your family members. Yes if the whole family is happy then your children will see that you as their parent are important in their life.


Family consist of the Farther, the Mother, and the children. Also a group of people related by blood, marriage ,law, or custom. In some culture extended family is common where grandparent are looked after. Some responsibility are extended to distance family and too.

My next article will discuss About teen mothers

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