In a relationship problem are expected to rise, in marriages toady problem will come up probably because of misunderstanding, negative thinking. How can you handle them?

First point out the problem and spend time together talking about the problem and how to fix it and share your opinion on the matter.

(2) Be truthful to your mate,  speak nothing but the truth. do not fight even when there is disagreement, show respect and love to your partner. Listen while he or she talks and never you interrupt.

Listening is vital while talking about an important issues, pay good attention and don’t pretend to listen while you’re not, be slow to anger.

· Listen with an open mind
· Listen to words of your mate

When both of you agree on a particular decision, work through that decision and don’t call up past event to mind. As a family, don’t allow money to bring problem between you and your mate.

Trust and honesty is needed in this regard, plan yourself together, plan how to spend your money. Either by
Building a house
Buying electronics
Car and whatever.

Please spend the money you have and avoid borrowing.
Don’t spend money anyhow because you have the money.

You don’t need a lot of cash before you can enjoy life with your mate, remember, greedy is bad. Your marriage is more important than money so don’t neglects your relationship because of money.

Today, some are not truthful or honest with their mate as regards how much money they earn monthly, weekly or daily. Some have different secret bank account without letting their mate know about it. Please see your own money as family money not your own personal cash.

If you do the above guideline, your family will be happy.

Marriage create three families, your own new family, your own parent family and the family of your mate that is your in-laws.

Among this three families, which among the families is most important to you? Of course your own new family, your mate should be seen as the most vital person on this earth, without him or she no one else.

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