If you have a problem in your marriage it can still be solved, mine while, do not make decision you will later regret in your life.

From live experience, those who hard marriage problem that hard divorced and brook up regrets while their did so.

Divorce bring unhappiness to the children of broken family, the relations still suffer and family as a whole.

How does divorce start? 

From small issue that remained unsolved, little problem that mutual to big problem, divorce does not come up overnight.

This is the reason to handle our marital problem quickly before it turns to something else. Remember we are not perfect as God is, the upbringing of each mate are totally different, the emotional and mental make-up.


1.  Money
2.  Children
3.  Lack of time together
4.  Sexual problem
5.  Misunderstanding
6.  Being Hurt
7.  Failure 

This could bring words like this:

·        You don’t care about me
·        You don’t love me


·        Settle your problem before you go to bed.
·        Learn to say am sorry (Apology)
·        Husband render to your wife her due
·        Wives do the same thing.

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