What is infertility?

Infertility is when someone is unable to have babies or produce new young ones. Inability to become pregnant or impregnant.

Many families today end up in divorce or an endless problem in the family because of the inability to bear children.


Through assisted reproduction, they are reports of babies conceived in a laboratory, through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

How it is done, an egg will be extracted from the woman and bring it together with the sperm of a man in a glass dish.

This egg will be sub-divided in eight microscopic cells after two and half days. Thereafter, these egg cells will be inserted back into the woman uterus to get normal development; this is one of the ways of treating infertility.

These are the list infertility treatment and their risk involve.

· Zygote intro fallopian transfer 

·  In vitro fertilization 

·  Intracytoplasmie sperm injection 

·  Gamete intro-fallopian transfer

·  Artificial insemination 

These are the option of treating infertility.

The risk involve
·  Mothers health
·  Defect in birth
·  Multiple birth
·  Human error .  

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