Teach your children how to do what is good, imparting knowledge to your child head is really not easy but you have to do it lovingly.
Use illustration to teach your child:

·        Pictures
·        Colors and
·        Good stories 


Discipline is a control over behavior; discipline is training that regulate mind and heart.


Discipline is not speaking and threatening, giving insult; remember parent should not irritate their children:

o   Discipline in love
o   In mildness
o   Be firm

Some children are not just disciplined by more words, reproof and rod is what gives wisdom. Under disobedient, their needs punishment. Tell them why there are being punished, but remember punishment has boundaries:

·        No severe whipping
·        No hard beating 

·        Sexual assault
·        Molesting of child 


v Sexual education, teach your child what to know about sex even when he or she is still young. Teach them what is good and how to avoid what is bad. This will protect them, reparation of instruction and a close supervision is vital.

Uphold peace in the house

Families in where there is love are always happy, some family are divided today for some reasons.

·        Religious difference
·        Struggle to make a living
·        Material things.

These have contributed to many families being divided.
Lack of understanding and miscommunication. If you really understand the other person with discernment, your family will be united.


What do you get your advice?
Some get advice from neighbors, workmate, human guide, where and how your get your advice can affect your family.


Different religious can affect your home; you may feel that you are losing your mate to religion, yes. Loneliness could cause that action, your mate need to be assured that your love still remain.

I have mentioned this several time that wives have to be in subjection to her husband even when both of you have different religion. 

In a friendship, do not expect perfection. All make mistakes in different ways in life, friendship can cost your time and emotion so be ready enough to give out.

To make room for friendship, you have to give, what do you prefer?

·        Cost of friendship or life of loneliness. genuine interest and being a good listener can help you find a good and real friend.

·        How you can take off loneliness:

A feeling of depression can cause loneliness; loneliness is a sign that you need someone around you, a companionship and close intimacy. In other to feel good, we need a companion.

Sometime, loneliness give much time to think on what to do with your life and feelings of satisfaction yet, remember that one isolating himself is looking for his own selfish longing.Next article will discuss about how to train up a child from childhood

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