Note to parents.

·        Husband love  your wives
·        Wives be submissive to your husband
·        Be a capable wife.
·        Husbands treat your wife in a good manner.
·        Children be totally obedient to your parent.


What make a capable wife?

These are words for wives and mothers, 

v Who can fine a capable wife? Her value is far more than corals.

v Her husband trusts her from his heart, she lack nothing or value.

v She rewards her husband with good not bad. All the days of her life.

v She delights to work with her hand.

v Like the ship of the merchant, she is!

v While it is still night, she rises, food for her husband she provide.

v She prepares herself for hard work.

v Her lamp does not go out by night.

v She opens her hand for the poor and gives her hand to the lowly one.

v Her household is clothed in warm garments.

v She looks to the future with confidence, with splendor and strength she is clothed.

v The law of kindness is in her tongue.

v She opens her mouth in wisdom.

v The bread of laziness she does not eat.
v This makes a capable wife.

 If you were following along you would see that all the four aspects or point respecting family happiness has been discussed.

·        What husband should do
·        What wives should do
·        What parent should do
·        What children should do also and what makes a capable wife.
How to gain family happiness

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