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By Cynthia chioma

Being Submissive does not mean slavery, it means giving honor and respect to the only one man you truly adore.

It means protecting the image of your one true love. He's the head because you agreed to marry him and love only him.

 A Submissive woman does not fear nor tremble at the sight of her hubby but she exalts him for her children and the world to behold.

You should praise and appreciate the only man that made you feel beautiful. Cover him up in his flaws and never join the trend of those women who assumed the throne of their spouses.

Some women actually disrespect their husbands before the kids? Chai nawao.
How can you call him names in the presence of his kids because of financial instability?

The home is where he presides as a king. If you floor him at home, you have failed God, your children and your very self.

When he's having hard times with money, encourage and motivate him. Don't drive him mad with your nag scream.

If he dies, my gal na only you go be widow. Don't disobey or argue with him in public, if he misbehaves outside, just relax and wait until you enters the bedroom.

You can confront him, If he makes you angrier you can quarrel him but don't abuse him. Because When you address him as stupid and useless, you become the wife of a stupid man and that makes you even stupider.

A good woman takes permission from her man before making major decisions, she sides him when he scolds the kids.

Children whom were not disciplined by their dads, usually turns out wayword.
In summary, there are different sex positions; man on top, woman on top and so on.

Studies has shown that the woman on top method is the deadliest and unsafe position. While the man on top(missionary) is the safest and recommended position..

The same thing is applicable to marriage. Man on top recommended and acceptable,
Woman on top, dooms day.

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