Tuesday, 17 March 2015


By Chioma Cynthia

There was a man whose mother died while he was 18

At age 32 he lost his job and viola, he dabbled into politics, he was going for legislature's post but he was defeated.

Frustrated, he started business and failed at age 33.

Thank God he was elected a legislator at 34.

His lover and confidant died while he was 35.

He suffered nervous breakdown while he was 36.

He decided to remarry, but his marriage proposal was rejected at 37.

Again he was defeated for speaker house at age 38.

Finally he remarried at 42.

He was defeated for nomination to congress at age 43.

At 46, he was elected to congress.. Oh men 3 years gone.

At 48 and 49, he lost renomination and was rejected for land officer respectively.

His son died when he turned 50

He was defeated for senate at 54 and also defeated for nomination for vice president at 56.

When 58, he was defeated for senate again

But in 1860, at age of 51, Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the united states.

One of the most essential responsibility of a woman to her man is to stand by him in good or rough times. By merely standing by him, he will succeed. He needs your support.

Don't let him out in the cold for I am certain you guys will make. Don't give up on him.


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