Monday, 16 March 2015


By Emmyon

Good relationships with Jehovah God of peace..... Fellow Jesus step ND safgguid relationship with Jehovah... Keep finding friends of peace ND do not broadcast negative response..

Peace of God help us overcome attack. And challenge...pursue peac at home school. Remember god when young... If we promote peace we will find joy...

By being peaceful we maintain good unity of the congregation. Speak good of other psalms 133:1 avoid anything that affect the peace of the congregation.Peaceablenss attracted other to the truth ND we will gain God's approval.

Do nt insist on your right. Yield.. Do not always want to be right.

Allow yourself to be the wrong .do not always argue. Phil, 2:3
.James 3:2-8

Do not speak too bad of people. Focus on the positive side of the person.

Encouraging others WIt your speech. Use kind ND mild words. Mathew 5:23,24.18:15 .

What can help.? Humility .seek peace even when you know you are right. Take the initiative to make peace .do not fight one another. James 3:13-18 .

Effort to pursue peace has bearing on our gaining God's approval. Isiah 54:13

Read this story.
A beautiful story of a girl and a poor boy.


Anonymous said...

How can I build a stronger relatiionship? Any tip?

ladim bellar said...

There are many ways to build a stronger relationship, but what kind of relationship are we talking about here?

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