Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Written By Cynthia

A woman was naturally created to care and nurture her family. This responsibility goes beyond breast feeding your children or baby sitting them, it also includes inculcating sound morals, correct views of duties and responsibilities of life.

On the morals, mothers has the sacred mandate to instill noble and incorruptible principles into the lives of their children.

Like I said, you can't give what you don't have. You can't be dreaming of having the best behaved children while you portrayed 0.00000% good morals while unmarried, and pretentiously act all disciplined now married.
It doesn't work that way.

I'd like to drift away for a while, what explanation can a single girl who posts semi nude or totally nude pictures of herself on social network tell her children about decency in dressing? Answer for the gods.

I ask Again, to all our potential mothers who sends nude pictures of themselves to there supposed boyfriends and sugar daddies or even so-called fiancée; what will you explain to your children on how those pictures came about when it will be used for wall papers on porn sites?

What will you tell your daughters, when they eventually find out that you dated almost all their friends dads? Mmmmmh?

Can you be proud to tell them about the locations of your picture backgrounds in different hotel rooms?

Can you proudly tell your children that the guy in the picture of your university days, was actually the man you cohabited with for nothing less than 4 years?

I also hope you will sincerely tell them that the reason why their grand mother(dads mom) is in constant log ahead with you is because you insult and disrespect her at will, instead of accusing the woman of being a witch.

Ok, I have to stop writhing. We all as humans has erred and come short of the expectations of our born and unborn children; let's retrace our step.

Your duty is to raise very responsible children. This duty is as important as national security as it has the capacity to avert societal disturbance and abnormally.

If you raise morally sound children, the country at large will be most grateful as she will have less crime rate and less blood shed.

Will your children be proud of the girl/lady you were?

Remember! women makes life, they don't kill it.

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