Friday, 13 March 2015


By Cynthia Chioma

Our mister's are usually caring and concerned when
that *dream cash hasn't clicked. Soon after they
reach that height of financial upliftment, they
become automatically and consistently busy with
heaven knows what. 

My Oga them be so busy that
they forget their wives and children birthdays and
worse still they even forget theirs.

They become insensitive and distanced from their
families that they are seen as a necessary visitor.
You wonder why even after all the wealth, your
family is nothing near satisfaction? The answer is,
the family needs your availability more than the

Children bred in homes where dad is never
around are usually filled with hate, emptiness, low
self esteem and always in quest for survive in the
jungle of extreme desertion from the person they
look up to.

They feel not loved, they feel like they are just one
of your cars and the boys wouldn't mind killing you
to squander the money. You were never there when
they were sick, failed exams and needed
encouragement, you never disciplined them, but you
are always swift to attribute their short comings to

During the PUBERTY phase, you abandoned
the boys to their mum? How on earth would you
make your child feel fatherless while you are alive
and kicking? The family needs dad's involvement in
the nurturing and development of the family. 

MUST be a DAD before the word FAMILY can come
to play. Don't let things that matters little to
deprive you that golden chance of achieving your
divine assignment. Don't make her feel like a
widow while she's not. If the man becomes
absentee- husband, what is the fate of the family?

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