Tuesday, 17 March 2015

God's protection

Two pioneer sisters who were newly assigned to a
congregation were given territory to work in the
afternoon but the brother failed to tell them about
a certain house that was marked as, Do not knock.

They arrived at the house, knocked on the door
and a very kind lady opened. She told them she
was happy to meet them and that she had much
interest to study the Bible that she asked them to
come in,...

The two Jehovah Witnesses entered and spoke to
her over a Bible topic and the lady showed much
attention and interest,...

After a while she invited them to eat but the sisters
did not accept because they didn't want to be a
bothersome and told her thank you but that they
must continue preaching,...The lady then told
them she would make them a taco so they could
eat on their way,...

The sisters kindly accepted and went on their

After a while they came upon a young man whom
they approached to speak about the Bible but the
young man said he had interest to listen but that
he was very hungry because he had not eaten
since the previous day...

Upon hearing this, the sisters told him they were
just given some tacos that they were not going to
eat and they would share them with him...

The young man accepted the tacos, they spoke
with him about the Bible a good while and then he
went on his way,...

Two days later the sisters learned the young man
they had shared their food with was dead and the
autopsy revealed that it was poisoning...
Upon hearing this, the sisters could not believe that
the lady who appeared to be so kind wanted to kill

When the brothers investigated about this young
man what was the surprise ? ...The young man was
the son of the lady who had given the poisoned

This experience was told by a brother in the circuit
who was at a dinner that was held at a home of the
overseer of a congregation for the pioneers on a
Saturday visit...

All those that heard were impacted some said that
Jehovah had moved matters and had protected the

One of us said that Maybe seeing this the lady was
convinced that Jehovah is the true God....

But the brother continued saying after listening to
our comments all this could be true but that this
act confirms that...

" Be Careful Brothers and Sisters " ....
Caution!!! Matthew 10:16... Look I am sending you
out as sheep among wolves so prove yourselves
cautious as serpents and yet innocent as doves."

Please share friends.... love you all"

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