Saturday, 14 March 2015


By Cynthia Chioma

In a celestial context, stars are found in the mist of seemly overwhelming darkness, trying to quench her glow.

In relation, if we are born of abraham; we are stars and we have darkness around us.

These darkness aims at destroying the purpose of God for your life. Who are these darkness?

They are set backs, poverty, deprivation, disappointments, heartbreaks, failure, fear, pride, shame, low self esteem, unfriendly friends, doubt, laziness, procrastination, difficulties or hard times, talkativeness, jealousy and lots more.
these darkness plans to subdue and overshadow you so that you can swear allegiance to the throne of defeat.

I was once told to go to the ants and learn, but now am asking you, look up to the stars in the sky and learn.

She keeps shining and never moves from it position of greatness. No matter how the dark space hovers, its immovable and deterministic because she knows that once she appears tougher than the darkness; they will be drawn back from the piercing glory of her glow.

Now dear friends, can you be stronger than that darkness? Can you work on those attitude that is capable of marring your destiny? You must believe in yourself and trust God to handle that case. It is not over until you accept defeat. Forget what your bank account says, it can't decide your fate. I believe you can make it and therefore, I expect you to act as such.

You must eventually WIN.

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