Saturday, 31 January 2015



Pursuit of material things overly can really divide marriage in several ways, some families are divided over money argument, and the desires of individual gratification. If there exist an attitude of “My money or your money alone, being self-centered in a marriage is really a destructive attitude.

Making good and achievable budget can help greatly to avoid needless struggle, husband and wife are to come together, seek advice and opinion of each other. It is good to work outside the home temporally to care for expenses and other dependents of the relation. However, remember that while money is important at this hard time, yet it does not promise or bring real family happiness. It is wise that you do not put more emphasis on becoming rich.

However, seeking God Kingdom and his righteousness, goes with the promise of having God’s blessing and obtaining life necessities. In addition, many other thing will be added to you, actually this can unit your family in the most pleasant manner.

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