Saturday, 31 January 2015




How long can a marriages last? Marriage  has no time limit, it's fore better and for worse. Meaning is a permanent union between man and woman; it is actually not easy to build a happy marriage.

   Many marriages has lasted 60-70 living happily, if you work hard and avoid selfishness, seeking for your mate interest. You can also succeed making your marriage to last longer.

   Build your marriage foundation on loyal commitment base on love; remember your promise to remain faithful to each other. Husband should love their wives as their own body, show concern over your mate Welfare's.

     Let your thinking become our or we, not I or me alone, involve your mate in your thinking and decisions.

   Frustration and anger can destroy your love and affection, show respect and honor to each other; do not be bitterly angry with your mate.

These can help you:

·        Sexual interest only to your mate.
·        Open communication
·        Honesty
·        Loving
·        Speak kindly
·        Avoid nagging
·        Avoid anger

All of the above can help if you apply it.

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